Wednesday, 10 April 2013

It's over----Let's go for Malcolm

I think Ms Gillard is one of the best Prime Ministers we have had.
I do, however,  think that as a woman she has had to tolerate what no man would have ever had to tolerate. be that is it may...that is the way (sadly) the world is.

By the way...I also thought Gough was the greatest PM we have ever seen. but  I was wrong...Indeed Joyce Townend (saint that she was)  and I were quite wrong

Naive...well you have never seen naive like it.

What he didn't seem to understand was that politics is a dirty game!  It is not about idealism. It is about power...and although at the same time Sky Hooks suggested that "ego" was a dirty word,  b*7%%4r me he didn't understand that the bastards were out to get him at what ever cost.
I still remember the day the b&6@#4d sacked the Government..John Lyon, my headmaster of school ...was wandering around almost dazed...
I rather feel as though that is what is happening now.
A visionary is going to be gazumped by political crap!

So this is my plan!  There is now way that Julia is going to beat the political crap

And the worst possible outcome will be for the cynical opportunist Abbot to be her successor. At least we know that Malcolm Turnbull has a modicum of intelligence and a level of social of awareness that seems to transcend the merely political (well mostly)
So my plan is
Given that Gillard is dead in the water
Then let's go for Malcolm

Let's jettison political opportunism and hard-heatered arrogance (henceforth known as Abbotism!) and try and get politicians who actually want to do good, and get stuff done...instead of just feathering their own ambitions.
Julia could have done this
but the machine won't let her. So let's hope Malcolm can!

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sister dearest said...

You take a step to the left... And then a step to the right.. Is this what you mean..??