Monday, 20 May 2013

Ken Halstead -RIP

I hear him speaking,
not in some ghostly way
but in the echoes of each thing
he might say
did you know? and you should!
feature high on his list .
But also did you hear him say:
he plays soccer like a pro,
I think he’s quite good!
and: son or daughter!
walked the Kokoda trail,
shot the surf,
and walked the big ape

I hear him speaking.
I see him sweeping
so much of it endless.
Careful, tidy planting
watering, mowing.
Brass polished more
than anything should be.
A book about a wolf
Do you hear him speaking?
Love, family, acceptance
future, hope, struggle.
Palestine, Cumberland,

What ever way he speaks,
however he touched my life, yours,
I hear him speaking
and will hear

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