Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Don't quite get it.
But I am glad that I am not addicted to gambling like I so easily am to everything else the addiction world seems to offer.
I find it impossible to believe that the Australian community demands the right to bet in the way we are being told it does.
The right to bet!
What crap!  Now I believe in the right to education, the right to safety, the right to life, the right to security
The right to bet!!!!
We Australians seem to think that one of our major freedoms is the right to destroy ourselves in what ever way we see fit.  The catch cry "it's I demand my right" is fatuous and shallow
I, for the life of me, do not begin to understand, why horse racing demands a Minister of the it so often has in the past at least now it might be a Minister for Recreation and Sport. But surely horse racing is not such an important and large industry that it demands particular and special treatment. It is not, Finance, Police, Conservation, Innovation and Trade.
Enough is enough.
It would seem clear...that we should be able to acknowledge that betting is a small industry. Not terribly productive, and creates quite a lot of trouble...therefore it should be regulated quite strictly.
It does not create jobs and creates a lot of damage to people's lives and finances.
Stop betting in prime time. We don't need to see live odds

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