Friday, 10 May 2013

Since no one appears to have taken any notice!

Posted on Facebook about this interesting article in the magazine  America...Some would call this a (post) modernist, leftist Catholic mag...but let's leave the name calling to others!
The Archbishop of Dublin opines about the state of the Church in Ireland! (here)
No one has commented or 'liked' or anything.
My suspicion is that Abp Martin's analysis is worth much more than this!  A senior church person in this (formerly) most Catholic of countries should at least be attended to....however briefly
Some things he says which seem important to me
It is not that Ireland is today in a momentary out-of-the-ordinary period in its history, somehow temporarily adrift from what is really the default position. There is no default position anymore, and there has not been such a position for some time. In many ways the church in Ireland had been trapped in an illusory self-image. The demographic majority the church enjoyed hid many structural weaknesses, and the church became insensitive to such weakness. 

and yet more

Faith in Jesus Christ must open us out beyond human horizons. Christian faith requires changing our way of thinking, of trusting in God’s love rather than in the tangible securities of day-to-day life. When faith leads to conformism, it has betrayed the very nature of faith.

and again
The Catholic Church requires lay men and women whose faith enables them to dare to hope and who will challenge us to expand the parameters of our hope beyond the narrow confines that each of us individually and as communities consciously or unconsciously fix for ourselves. 

he says

All this is taking place at a time in which there is a growing secularization of culture and politics. I could list many examples of the distance between politics and the church and examples of unbalanced media coverage. But to do that would probably be interpreted as saying that it is politicians, journalists and the media who are to blame for the crisis in the Irish church. 

It is pretty important to read the whole thing.

But also of interest to me are the comments by one who taken time to reflect at depth on what +Diarmid  might be saying...he calls himself Vincent Gaitley and makes certain trenchant criticism
Your opening should have been, "The causes of the crisis lie within the church itself." Frankly, you need bold action. 

and then again a pretty piercing critique of priestly ministry
1. Admit you and every priest in Ireland needs redemption from this, and that it must be earned from the people...this isn't the redemption that Jesus promises, and you have no say in its theology, this is the people's respect you need to earn

He says to the good bishop and yet more 
Focus. Put your eyes on fewer issues socially and speak out less. Pick your fights. Let life happen, don't comment on every little thing the government or media or the flock does. Trust that folks will find their way. Do less, but do better, and then achieve more.

He goes on

When bad things happen again (and they will), take charge, take action, restore confidence. When the time comes when you need to fight, folks might by then see the difference and help you.

Clearly this is important stuff if the Church is to take its current plight seriously and expect to be take seriously 

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