Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My baby dog

Only a couple of weeks ago (pictured) she seemed like a 14 week old puppy.
This morning as I played "find the ball" in the garden...she looked like she needed a Mistress or a Master, toting a shotgun. Ready to shoot duck, pigeons, rabbits.....
Head held erect, tail pert and attentive.
Never have the camera when I need it!!!!
Also never had the intention of shooting anything.
Betsey, our 158 day old (the wonder iof the internet) baby is such a joy and a delight.
Such joy and companionship.
She has a better pedigree than I do!
And is indeed a Princess.
What a privilege we humans have....a theological diversion...to be allowed to care for...and to be cared for by such subordinate creatures. I talk much about unconditional love. She loves me and K &S with such fullness and joy that it is profound.
Such joy pets bring to our lives.


Trevor said...

Animals (especially dogs :)) can enrich our brief lives.
Everything is a gift from God, and the gift of the companionship of an animal is, for me as for many others, an extra special gift.

Thank you Lord, for everything that you give us.

stephen clark said...

She is a great blessing