Sunday, 29 September 2013

My God.....!

As I left a fantastic birthday party today the brother of the birthday girl (my closest friend I suspect) ...who like her is the child of a feminist
and the child of a priest ( a wise man, much misunderstood )
Any way this cheeky "son of a priest"( who purports to have left the faith behind) shouts out:
"And may your God go with you!"
To which I reply: "That would be your God too.....despite the fact that you might deny God....she/he  will continue to be  your God  even though you don't think she is!"
He/she doesn't cast you aside like you so readily do.
I don't know that this was received, and/or heard.

Am I being patronising?
Am I not respecting his right to reject God, even though God has not rejected him?

In my heart of hearts, I also want to say...."You may not have the vision of being loved by God....but God has the vision of loving you"  
Indeed that is my vision may put yourself  'outside the fold'.....but I do not believe that is the way God sees me or you!

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