Sunday, 29 September 2013

Isn't this just a little bit weak?

One of the real problems with the internet is that it purports to offer ADVICE !
That is, it tells people who have a problem, what to do or where to go to find help and support. The truth is I just don't think that it really does this,or, indeed, is capable of doing this.
The Internet, is a construction,  and, though we might find the idea bizarre, does it really...i mean REALLY   exist
The Internet suggests for example, to people who are thinking of ending their lives:

  • Start a journal to get the thoughts out of your head
  • Call someone you trust to get support
  • Constantly remind yourself that ‘you are not your thoughts’
What????   You are thinking of topping why don't you "start a journal"
Like that is going to happen 


Anonymous said...

" Like that is going to happen"
Typical christian comment!

stephen clark said...

sorry I don't get the force or point of your comment

stephen clark said...

and I should note your ANONYMOUS comment