Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I like to get comments on my blog.
But any blog writer will tell you that this is a mixed blessing. Have had a couple of "Anonymous" comments recently....I actually think I know where they come from, a rather arrogant person who seems to think that his view should pervade....and indeed that he has the right to be heard 'ad nauseam'     He is often boring, and usually nonsensical.   This doesn't particularly bother me, but I don't think I should be required  to take note. I do read such comments. But don't always feel that I agree. Though sometimes I am given cause to reflect!
I am less likely to think the comment should be noted if it is "Anonymous" as so often Mr C's comments are. With arrogance he declares that if I delete his comments (have done so 3 times recently...because they were pathetic and drivel!) that I am being high-handed or closed-minded.
Quite frankly I think that if you post comment anonymously then you should not expect it to be respected.
Anonymity is cowardice! Put your name to it and then it might be given some consideration!

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