Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A good priest ....and I like him!

Some of us remember a famous Election Synod in the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide where a dear friend of mine, Spencer Dunkerley got up and said of one of the candidates .  "He is a good priest...and I like him...He is an intelligent priest...and I admire him...but [essentially] ...he's a bloody heretic!"
He went  on to become not only the elected Bishop and Archbishop, but ultimately the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia!

I would want to say about David Covington-Groth, whose commissioning I am about to go to....He's a good priest and I like him!
I doubt he has ambitions to become the Primate but the Parish of Mitcham is privileged to have him as their new Rector.
He is an imaginative and thoughtful priest with a strong social conscience. All things I think are very important.
The parish of Lockleys have been well served by this priest and it should hearten us all that their are good and faithful sons and daughters called to be priests in todays church.

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stephen clark said...

Commissioning went well.
Good to see the parish and the Deanery and the wider Church well represented