Friday, 31 January 2014

He's a good Premier!!!!

You know, Jay had a bitch of a day. I was really pleased  as an ex-Whyalla resident to see him deal with a totally stupid  press contingent, who weren't listening to what he said. And only wanted him to say something stupid!
And you know Jay didn't fall into their infantile trap!
They kept asking asking ......don't you and every living person in South Australia owe their existence to Don Farrell. Labor-Rightist and Union Power Broker.
Gee! as a leftist and totally impotent member of the general public that really irritates me!
Any way, the Premier bested the power broker...with humility and without arrogance. Take a lesson in  proper politics....

I am sure my opinion matters for nought. But I just think that what they've missed
Is not that he's the faction of the left or the right
But that HE is the one the people actually like!!

Seems to me like an election winner!

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