Friday, 24 January 2014

A home amongst the gum trees.

It is easy for those of us who have grown up in a European Australia to think that all’s well with the world.
We only require a cursory glance to recognise that this is not necessarily quite this straightforward
Despite years of well meaning government policy we still wonder why?
The life of expectancy of traditional Aboriginal people  is 10-20 years less than white Australians
The educational achievements of many remote indigenous Australians are considerably below those of the general population!
Governments continue to posture, but don’t actually seem to improve outcomes for indigenous Australians.

What can we do?
Stop stuffing around! Aboriginal people are more than ready to respond  to  initiatives which will maximise their possibilities (Even as I write these words I am aware I am jargonising......for goodness sake, can’t we just try and get the best outcomes for all people.)
Particularly the indigenous !
The truth is, no one needs to feel guilty for sins of the past; but we do all need to take responsibility  for failures in contemporary policy.
If we will not take responsibility for our present ills then who will?

But more than that!

We actually have a hopeful future!!!

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