Saturday, 4 January 2014

Simple gifts

I am listening to "Once in Royal" which speaks, of course, of the great gift of God.
I have had three and a half weeks of joy and sadness with my friends and fellow parishioners . A number of folk have died.
The beloved M gave me 'a little token of our gratitude' after I had conducted T's funeral.
I wish they were better photos of the cufflinks which I will wear as I celebrate the Holy Eucharist tomorrow.
M's first gift to her new husband T.
Simple (but lovely) cufflinks and shirt studs.
She told me this was the first present she gave to T as they left Bath on their honeymoon!
I receive this gift with great humility, no one I know who I have told has been unmoved.
This is not a simple token.
It is for me a great privilege...and I feel humbled...for all sorts of reasons which are too complex and awful to go into here.
Thank you to both T & M , for having had the privilege of sharing in two such wonderful lives. And to M, A, & S ...their descendants...who brought them such delight.  And who will soon bless us with a grandchild.
For this small human story I feel privileged, and indeed deeply moved.
M writes....'he received them from me over sixty eight years ago'
Such a privilege! Such a joy!

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