Monday, 6 January 2014

What is happening to blogging?

One of the things I failed to do in 2013 was to get a handle on Twitter!
I sort of understand how it works. But can't get it to work for me....perhaps I need media support(are you watching?)

But I actually suspect that we have had a  not too subtle  shift, blogging doesn't seem to work the same way it did twelve months ago.
I used to be able to say "more people read my sermon blog than actually hear it!"   That is still true (according to the analysis)....but I have rather become unaware of who the readers are....which is different!
It would appear that attention spans have grown ever shorter and that Twitter is now the way to go.
So someone please contact me (here) and explain to me about Twitter!
Because I just don't get it!


Anonymous said...

I give up trying to explain Twitter to you!

stephen clark said...

Oh Sister too
How do you do?
Bye bye lulled lullay!

All I can say , it is the bad teacher who blames the student for not understanding what they are supposed to have communicated!

stephen clark said...

Easy to make anonymous comments and then complain!