Saturday, 14 June 2014

New title for a new era

I guess most readers will know that I am about to move but I will continue to use this blog ( even though I have been a bit remiss of late.
It is however my intention to blog in the last couple of weeks about two things:

  1. The glory of moving !
  2. The 18 years I have spent in this parish

I do however have another more systematic blog on which I put my weekly musings in homiletic form
This is called Coromandel Preachings...(here  ) obviously this isn't going to be an appropriate title when I leave this parish.
And there are only three Sunday morning sermons left to go, and one Evensong .  I am calling these the three last one!
Anyway  I am looking for suggestions for a new title as I move to St Mary Magdalenes.  I will migrate the content to my new blog, but I guess the new priest might like to take over coromandel preachings...or not.  Either is fine

Any suggestions for a title for my new homiletic blog? (email me

This latter blog was also available from time to time in hard copy.
In a moment of naughtiness this hard copy was titled tongue in cheek The Strumpet....I did this mainly to see if anyone even read it and would comment. It took 6 weeks before someone asked me if I knew what "strumpet" meant!
One of my churchwardens jumped to my defence and said she thought it was short for Stephen's Trumpet!
So it became the 'sTrumpet.
I will still continue to produce it in that format, if you want hard copy of it in these last weeks also email me (

Indeed if you want to continue receiving after I leave the parish then that's fine too

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