Tuesday, 3 June 2014

One of the things

It's quite a good quotation isn't it?
I am at a life point  when things are changing a lot.
Leaving a parish after 18 years...yikes I never imagined it would be so
And going to the leading Anglo Catholic Parish in Adelaide.
Many years ago I realised that the 'jealous God' (rightly) takes away everything that is not pure, and undefiled.
I remember thinking......your are even going to take away Anglo Catholicism. And  I was sad.
What I immediately realised was that, as much as I love being an Anglo Catholic, ...I actually need to love God and not Anglo Catholicism.
I don't think we always get the fact that the way we love God...is not the same thing as loving God.
We are sometimes Catholics, sometimes Protestants, Fundamentalist and Ritualists
But as for me...and mine...I am the Lord's
I am just glad that God has given me back the  way I like, so that I may love God..He/She..more.
Give me smoke
Give me bells
Give me mad people
and....above all give me the Holy Eucharist. God with us today and forever.
But as for me, and mine..........I am the Lord's!


Stephanie Edwards said...

Give me lace, give me candles, give me chants!

stephen clark said...