Friday, 22 August 2014

And dreamt amongst us!

My neighbour ( and I hope, increasingly,  friend) Hilary of the ATF kindly gives me copies  of current productions.  I am impressed by Portuguese priest Jose Tolentino Mendonca (Portuguese wiki here...or some  English commentary)
I made a couple of comments in my previous blog about Our Father who art in earth
A couple of comments he makes early on quoting from other writers
"Choose your place in the middle of a forest and withdraw to that place every day. And pray like this "Lord, I am here waiting for nothing!" " Lord I am here waiting for nothing""  and then again "What about ourselves? To whom will tell our story?"

This morning as I noted this in my journal I quoted John 1 and I wrote "And the Word became flesh and dreamt amongst us!" (normally and dwelt or lived amongst us)

Can I say this resonates deeply with those of us who often have conversations...important conversations...with people about how they want grow spiritually.  God encourages us to dream! And to dream expansively

The Lord's Prayer in Arabic.  

And I note that, by and large,  there is nothing in other religious traditions (Jewish, Ismlamic, Hindu..and even  non theistic Buddhists) that would prevent people from praying the Lord's Prayer. Perhaps also non-religious, (maybe even atheistic spiritual people can be open to this!) It is not the 'property' of the Christian Church. It is a true statement of openness to the God who blesses the reality of daily life

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