Friday, 22 August 2014

Nice day

I have no doubt that I suffer from SAD.
This is not about being "sad" but about the mood change that happens to some (perhaps even many) people when the season darkens.
So I am really GLAD that we seem to have turned the corner and are heading into Spring.
[I was really glad to go to Hawaii for July and August last year  (here and here). So I avoided the depth of the SA winter in 2013] . Not so this year. Glad it seems to be on the up!
There is a great deal of scientific  evidence  which tells us that SAD is a real issue in Scandinavia and to the North......I often wonder how I could have survived in the grey land of my beautiful as it is.
Anyway that is not my point today. It is to celebrate my total lift in mood now that the sun is shining.
Meditation and prayer are lifting. There is much going on in my dreams at this time....this too is something that happens in the change of seasons.
I dreamt of a wonderful white (but not dark) Christmas last was almost frenetic. As a convinced Jungian I need to reflect on this....and it was interesting there was both panic and joy. Suspect this is the state of my present life!  Both personal, professional and religious.

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