Saturday, 6 December 2014

An outstanding memory

When we were children ( we fondly reminisce) we looked forward to the amazing Christmas party at the now defunct factory where my father used to work. I imagine he paid a shilling a week so that his 5 children could have a fun-filled afternoon playing party games, eat bizarre party food we were never allowed in post war England, and then of course get an amazing present! [usually much more exotic than our parents would ever give or get us]
We used to think ti was just great!
So today we had our extended Clark family party, I'd wondered all week how many people might be there would there be ten or would there be 40.
Well there were certainly 35+.  This is a picture of the Christmas Australian and Cumbrian folk enjoy this South American tradition I don't know.   But the kids enjoyed
I am left thinking if our family kids (there will be one more next year) remember Christmas parties as I have done and think...Christmas was just great. Then we will have done well.. We did well today.
I felt exhausted...but it was very great to be surrounded by our loving, odd, and zany family....and kids beating the Pinata! (In the next year we we will welcome a maybe the Spaniard won't be quite so mad!)

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Aimee said...

A lovely reflection on the day, Uncle Stephen! I agree, if the kids think back on these days fondly then we have all indeed done well. Thank you for organising much of today.

I can't wait to welcome the new cousin and the Spaniard! An exciting year to come.