Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Not unconvinced

I am sure that I, like many, if not most, South Australians am disappointed about the loss of ABC production facilities from Adelaide.
The loss of State based 7.30 reports on Friday nights is really serious. More serious than we begin to imagine in a country which is voraciously dominated by the two East coast metropolises!
BUT, I am almost convinced by Mark Scott's explanation that we need to get real about the way we want News delivered.
Indeed I am well locked in to ABC Just In...which is not about my son Commodore Justin Stephen Clark...but about well documented local TV
Simon Royal is better than your average bear! May he not be cast on the scrap heap of political expediency!

BUT I do have to admit....I have stopped reading Print Media
I DO check the ABC for headlines  and Just In (sometimes even News Corp)
As always Australians are punching above their weight.
BUT, I also listen to enormous amounts of BBC ( as you can)....they have thrown nothing away for 50 or 60 years. How great it is to hear Kenneth Williams at his maddest but also such stuff as Round the Horn, the Burkiss Way...and so much more.
The BBC seems to have paid for this by the Licence Fee...despite my  general admiration for Gough..... this was a mistake. He got rid of it
But it meant that we lost a stream of simple funding which would have continued to enable...Blue Hills, The Mavis Bramson Show....and oh so much more
It can never be reintroduced. But let's try and dig out the archives ...as the Brits have done

This will be a new period for us. But I hope that the ridiculous Canberra Government don't emasculate the creative potential of our nation

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