Monday, 29 December 2014

Another year(1)

One of the difficulties for me is that my blogging, my preaching, my ranting and my raving all get intertwined.
So forgive me if this .... isn't quite as clear as you might like it..... I am going back through (some of ) my blogs for the last year .
The fact that I am listening to Cleo Laine as I try to make this reflection tells you that at some points in my life I have got got stuck.......she is now 87.
There are two people who I have missed out on seeing...Cleo and also Dionne Warwick....I have left my run too late!
As I looked back on the last year on 20/12/13 the ABC  revealed that I was an INTP...this meant that using Myers-Briggs i am LvB...pretty happy with that. The greatest music ever (even better than Lane-Dankworth!!)
Each year I reveal the best poem I have written O spotless virgin....still think it is
The title is ironic and speaks much of my life

O perfect God
O perfect God 
you should have been more careful

of everyone

Why put them together so that mothers scratch their sons

and sons bleed over their mothers

We moved on because I ( and of course others) had a horrendous six weeks in which 6 friends died.
Christmas last year was almost excruciating
But I am always glad when you get to that point in preparing for funerals when we can be sad for the death...but rejoice in the life. Even with F...whose funeral was excruciating...the eulogy seemed like a story of a man no one had really known but who could have been . For his widow who is mercifully released, and for the children who still bear something of the awfulness which was his illness and still work through that.
Cufflinks were a such a privilege and a joy to be given by one of those who had died ...a simple gift. A lot of sadness but glad to have known Tom.
A lot of the the other ephemera you can read in  the earlier parts of this blog (go back to mid January 2014)

Have loved having our dog, Betsey...who has challenged us in all sorts of ways

I struggled to walk the dog this morning
She, ever ready, rustled as soon as I stirred to pee
She, always hungry, looked expectantly at me
Thinking, somehow, I am the provider
I have never been able to be.

Walking the park, she tugged and tugged
Sweeping this way and that
Once a duck, once a pup, never, thanks, a cat.
I, always, wanting control said "Leave it!"
Good luck with that!

In the park a gorgeous girl
Had a tiny pup
Shall we play or stir them up?
She was good, and her command
Got obedience  on the up

Betsey, Betsey, such a life
Such a dog and such a strife
Pulling this way, pulling that
more at ducks than at the cat

I struggled to walk her this morning
But it was, as always,
better for me than for her!

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