Thursday, 14 May 2015

Even as you wave goodbye

On a mountain somewhere,
lifted up for all to see
you went
Just when we were beginning to have fun.
So, as if to comfort me,
a little while
you promised to be with me
not just now but always.

How could I have believed you
(fool that I am)
“I’ll be with you always”
as you waved goodbye.

Now on that same mountain
years later,
and then a little while,
why do I stand looking up
wishing, waiting, wanting
your return.

My soul longs for you.
And as I stand there gazing
I look sideways,
left and right,
and backwards
and see you standing here with me.

While that for which I am least grateful
tries to tell me
you deserted me
That for which I am most grateful
reminds me
that you enlivened me
you thrilled me
summoned me.

Not to float away
but to remember
that with you
a promise is a promise

even as you wave goodbye.

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