Thursday, 14 May 2015

Faithful priests

Chris Grey was a very significant priest and one of my colleagues has reminded us about him  
I have a fund of stories ...but now is not the time...
Chris was an extraordinary priest. He gave away the idea of 'advancement'; more concerned that the Church should do a good job. 
He was a 'blunt instrument' ( that is, he called an incompetent Archdeacon....a bloody fool!) 
I used to ring him up in winter and he would be 'in the car'....the warmest place in their living arrangements. 
He could be difficult. (sometimes just didn't hear what people were saying). 
But he loved the Lord, and the Lord's people and wanted the Church to succeed. 
A graduate of St Barnabas, he was proud of the training he had received, and wanted theological education to do well!
As for most clergy, he succeeded with the support of Molly his wife. Even in the Church, (or maybe particularly in the Church) we overlook how important husbands and wives have been

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