Monday, 27 December 2010

Life goes on

I vainly put on my Facebook status that today (Monday after Sunday after Christmas) I would be able to do nothing! O foolish man!
I had a poor night's sleep and woke up sweating, thinking I was getting the flu. Two Panadol and two aspirin later....
I visited Flinders Medical Centre (good day to visit as parking was easy) and took Communion to J who had the misfortune to spend the holy season in a hospital bed. BUT the good fortune to be in the best place to be if you are a sick bunny.
Then I visited J in the Repat General Hospital. She looked all the better for having had to go to hospital on Christmas Day, and has perked up no end. She was reading a mad novel (not bad for 92) called "The Glue that Binds Us".
'I suppose," she said, "that means we are glued to each other!" As I say, not bad for 92! She had her Christmas Communion too.
Then back to meet with the children of the other saint who died peacefully on Christmas Eve. Molly's funeral will be on Friday. She has been a good mother and great Christian. Supporter (as they reminded me) of many priests...a very valuable and valued ministry. There were many times when I felt under siege when I was buoyed by her steadfast and unwavering support.
When we talked about symbols that might be placed on her coffin her son suggested "a wooden spoon" I simply remarked...well that is a multi faceted symbol, and we all laughed! God bless Molly. (as I write this I feel the tears well in my heart and eyes)


Anonymous said...

And do you have the flu?
Chaplain at Repat would look in on your parishioner on FridaY?

stephen clark said...

No, as you would realise chaplain...i did not have the flu when I had coffee with you today (and very nice it was too)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm? - what a way to find out what's happening in the parish. I'm glad someone was there for them!!!!! Well done saint St! How blessed we were to have 'M' in the parish! That raisin toast must be re-introduced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!