Friday, 30 September 2011

Amazing graces

At dinner tonight with two great friends, one a great parishioner who thinks

  • she is tougher than she is
  • who constantly underestimates her personal achievements
  • wants to encourage others to be great
And the other a lovely, self effacing saint.

We talked of great women (here and here and here)
Great women in our families.
I do not have to have to go far.
My prattling began with Great Grandma Sewell
who ruled her family
from top to bottom.
It was the dynamic of need.
Like so many post-war matriarchs
thrust into the situation to just protect her family
I am not fully au fait with what the demands were ...I was born after sometime after the tragi-dance began.
It seemed to me she was able to love  her family
children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
There are now great grandchildren's children..and even grand children

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